Be Careful with Halloween Candy!

Australians are now consuming more sugar than ever before and the problem won’t be settling soon, especially with kids from all over the world who are trick or treating this Halloween.

The World Health Organisation recommends a daily sugar consumption equal to five per cent of daily caloric intake (25g or six teaspoons per day) but Australians consume much more. In 2011-12 the Australian Health survey revealed that Australians consumed 60 grams of sugar per day, or 14 full teaspoons. This is not good for our health, or especially our smile.

7 Signs It’s Time For A Checkup

Sometimes it may seem easier to put off scheduling your regular dental appointment, however if you experience any of these symptoms, then it is time to check in with your dentist and make sure you avoid any potential lasting damage.

  1.   Stained Teeth

Teeth occasionally get stained from causes including; coffee, smoking or that second glass of red wine. Generally, stains go away after brushing however if you notice your teeth are not sparkling it may be time to organise a professional clean.

Are you dreading a visit to the Dentist?

Fear is one of our most valuable instincts. It aids our self-preservation, reminds us to beware of certain situations and helps us with risk assessment.

However, a fear of many Australians is regular, routine dental check-up.

If you find yourself cringing at the thought of a routine check-up, there are a few tricks you can use to help overcome this fear and prevent any future dental problems.


  1. Ask for a morning appointment to see your dentist.  

If you find that the anticipation of an upcoming dental check-up is causing you stress, try to make an appointment for first thing in the morning. This will limit the time spent waiting anxiously for an appointment throughout the day.


We Have Moved!

Pristine Dental Newtown has relocated! After a short period of closure after the Easter Break, Pristine Dental Newtown will start operating from the new location of Suite 1/155 Missenden Road Newtown (across the road from Hoochie Mamma Café), just a short walk from the previous RPAH Medical Centre location.  The practice shares premises with Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology

Announcing Our Newly Designed Website

We are pleased to announce our newly designed website with a fresh new look, and user-friendly navigation. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site and find more options and information each time.